Stand Out From Your Local Competitors – Create and Add KML File To Your Website

6 September 2012
Stand Out From Your Local Competitors – Create and Add KML File To Your Website

If you are a local business owner and you find Google Plus local listing important for your business, then you will find KML files useful as well in order to stand out from your local competitors.

KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth or map browser such as Google Maps and Google Earth. To understand more about KML files, visit this link.

How To Create and
Add KML File To Your Website

Here are a couple of ways to create and add KML file to your website.

For WordPress sites:

install google places plugin

  • Activate the plugin.

activate google places plugin

  • Fill out Google maps details, then hit “Update.” Once setup you’ll get your KML file URL: http://yourdomain.localsitemap.kml.

  • Add the KML file URL to your website’s sitemap as “new page,” set “Priority” to “0.5” and “Change Frequency” to “Always,” and then hit “update options” at the bottom of the settings page. You may now rebuild your sitemap. Go ahead install Google XML sitemap if you haven’t done so.

add kml file to sitemap

sitemap additional pages

rebuild the sitemap

  • Go to your Google Webmaster Tools account and submit or resubmit your sitemap: Once submitted you should be able to see the KML file in your sitemap.


XML Sitemap with KML file

For those who have multiple locations, don’t have WordPress, or would rather use a tool and upload the file manually to the site, you may:

free geo sitemap generator

  • Fill in KML and Geo sitemap details, then hit “Generate.”

free geo sitemap KML generator

  • Download your KML file and Geo sitemap.

download kml geo sitemap files

  • Upload the KML file to (the complete path will be
  • Upload the Geo sitemap to the same directory (or a different location, but be sure to memorize it!)
  • Login to Google Webmaster Tools and add the Geo Sitemap. For more information about submitting the Geo Sitemap, go to Google Help pages.
  • Add your address details to your website (HTML for this can be found on the right side of the page, in Schema or Microformats).

add address details to website

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