Online Music Marketing

“What is the current state of online music marketing? Has the Internet frontier run it’s course or are there still opportunities for music artists to connect directly with their fans online?”

Skyler Jett and Stevie Wonder talk about online music marketing Interviews Award Winning Songwriter, Singer and Producer Skyler Jett


It seems like everywhere you turn there is a band out there trying with all of their might to make a professional career out of playing music. In the past, pursuing a music career was straightforward. You first formed a band or a solo act, write some songs, you practice those songs until you or the band has them down pat. You scrape together enough money to record a demo CD, while playing everywhere you can in order to build up a local reputation. You send out your demo to record companies far and wide and hope that the record executives like what they hear enough to give you or your band a shot at the big time. However, today, with online music marketing, the landscape of the music business and the avenues used to get your foot in the door are very much different than they ever were.

With online music marketing, there is a focus on bringing primarily unsigned bands as well as individual solo acts to a larger audience than they were ever afforded in the past through the use of music social networks. While many musicians are always looking for the big deal, it is worth noting that with so much exposure with these networks; a lot of what a record company does for a musical act is being done by the networks without the contractual hang-ups that typically come with a standard recording contract. There are a growing number of bands and solo acts that are making a good living outside of the record companies with these networks. They record music, sell music, tour in support of their music, and they do it all for the most part on their own terms, not on the restricting terms of a recording company. The truth is that music social networking is the next vehicle that will get people’s music out to the masses.

A recording contract is for some, the pinnacle of their musical aspirations. However, there have been some rather disappointing stories of the harsh realities of signing your name to the bottom line of a recording contract. With the ever-growing popularity of music social networking the cold, harsh reality of recording contract stipulations are being quickly replaced with musical and artistic freedoms only afforded to musicians that answer to themselves and not to a large entertainment corporation.

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