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Facebook Ad Scheduling Now Available August 2014

Facebook is a great advertising platform. We have access to their massive subscriber base, their subscriber demographics, their subscriber’s attention; what it didn’t have was a way to schedule our ads. Now Facebook ad scheduling is finally available. Hooray!

Here is how to access Facebook ad scheduling. It is located in your Power Editor so you will have to use Chrome browser for now to get this to work. But it is totally worth it to be able to run our ads when we want to for maximum ROI.

Follow these steps:

1) Using the Chrome browser, go to

Facebook Power Editor

2) Choose your Campaign, then click on Ad Sets.

Facebook Ad Sets


3) Select “lifetime” from the Budget (USD) drop-down. It normally says, “Daily”.

Facebook Ad Scheduling

Facebook Ad Scheduling Lifetime


4) On Ad Scheduling, choose “Run ads on a schedule”. The Ad Scheduling calendar will show up. Then choose the days and hours when you want your Facebook ads to run.

Facebook Ad Scheduling Calendar


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Fabulous Facebook

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


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Free Webinar: The Science of Facebook Marketing

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In this webinar, you'll "Learn how to use Facebook to get people to talk about your business online."
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60 minutes, including Q&A
Dan Zarrella, Social Media Marketing Scientist



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Facebook App Center Launches

This new feature of Facebook helps developers showcase their apps and also helps users find Facebook compatible apps they can use on their smartphone.

All you do is go to the Facebook App Center at: You’ll see a list of recommended apps and apps that your friends are using. 

Facebook App Center


You can search through games and other apps. 

 facebook games and other apps


Once you find the app you want to download, just click the “Send to Mobile” button.

Send to Mobile button


If you have push notifications turned on for your Facebook app, you’ll receive a notification that the app is available for download. Then when you open your Facebook app on your phone, you’ll see the app listed on the menu. 

Facebook app on your phone


Click the app and your phone’s app store will automatically open, so you can download the app. 

phone’s app store


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Twitter Has Improved Its Facebook Integration: Post to Pages

For a long time, you have been able to link your Twitter account to your Facebook account, but recently Facebook announced some new features, most notably, the ability to post to Facebook Pages instead.

How to Post to Facebook Pages:

Instead of simply posting to your personal profile, you can now post to your Facebook Page. To do this, go to your Twitter Profile Settlings.

NOTE: If you currently have the Twitter / Facebook integration turned on. You might have to disconnect it and reconnect it to see the Facebook Pages option.

At the bottom of your Profile Settings, you’ll find the Facebook connection option. Click the sign in button to get started.

A pop-up will appear and you’ll be prompted to log in to Facebook. Click the log in button.

On the next screen, you’ll see a list of your pages that the integration can log into.


Once you confirm this, the pop-up will close and you can now adjust the settings in your Twitter Profile. You can uncheck the option to post to your personal wall and select the page you want your updates to go to.

Click “Save Changes” when you’re done.

Now, whenever you post to Twitter, your posts will also appear on your Facebook Page. However, do not that @replies, standard retweets and your direct messages will not appear on your Facebook page. In addition, if you post a photo to Twitter, it will also appear directly in your Facebook update.

Here’s an example of a cross-post with an image.



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Facebook for Tweens?

As you may be aware, the current minimum age required to have a Facebook account is 13. However, that hasn’t stopped many younger children from creating accounts. In fact, a 2011 Consumer Reports survey indicates there 7.5 million Facebook users under the age of 13 and that 5 million of them are under the age of 10. Now Facebook is looking for a way to legitimately welcome these young people.

According to to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is testing technology that will connect a child’s account with their parent’s account. This technology is believed to do things like allows parents to decide who their children could be friends with, decide which applications their children use and helps parents monitor activity.

In a Mashable article, Zoe Fox writes that, “Facebook told Mashable it is currently exploring options for younger users, but did not confirm or deny the WSJ report.”

Currently, it’s very easy for anyone to create a Facebook account, no matter what their age. All they have to do is include a year of birth that is acceptable to the social network’s registration system. 

Facebook for kids under 13


Once that is filled out, the user’s profile is automatically created:

Facebook for children


There is plenty of speculation on why Facebook is making this move, but the real answer is currently unknown. Some claim they are scrambling to raise their stock prices. Others say that kids will be more likely to click ads. Others think that they will be a great revenue generator through online games. Most figure that young kids are already on Facebook and this provides a way for the responsibility of those children to be placed in the hands of their parents. Whatever the reason is, the change is likely coming and what it will look like remains to be seen.


How to Turn Your Facebook Page into a Marketing Channel

Although the intention in the creation of Facebook wasn’t to create an advertiser’s paradise that was the end result nevertheless (even though there are still things to be improved in the advertising interface.) Things that are done to enhance the user’s experience, like the new Timeline feature, can end up beneficial for businesses that know how to harness the power of social media.

In other words, Facebook has the potential to turn your small business into a profitable, “larger” business if you only know how to navigate the field and stay updated with Facebook’s new releases.

Below, we will discuss four different methods by which you can turn your page into a legitimate marketing channel for your small business.

4 Essential Tips for Facebook Businesses Marketing

1: Limit Your Predictability
Because there are so many businesses and so many ads circulating around on Facebook, many users find a lot of ads and attempts to attract followers to be very predictable. Of course, you never want to stray too far away from any set formula (i.e. what the other guys are doing); but you also don’t want to be a clone of anyone else.

As more and more Facebook users are getting used to seeing ads since ads appear more frequently and even in the regular feed, chances are they develop ad blindness and totally disregard generic ads with stock-photos and only clichés in the copy.

Be unpredictable if you want to attract buzz.

2: Learn the Mechanics of Facebook
You’re going to need to invest some time to learn the mechanics of Facebook and how to properly set things up quickly and effectively. You will eventually need to change and adapt, and no matter what, your page needs to remain a friendly, welcoming place for your visitors.

Because Facebook looks so simplistic, a lot of businesses don’t put much effort into learning about the site. This is the wrong approach. You need to focus on the site’s mechanics.

There are tons of advertising opportunities on Facebook right now, from the traditional external-site marketplace ads where you drive traffic to your web shop to sponsored stories, which are more like a recommendation from a friend rather than traditional advertising.

Make sure you test different ad types to make sure you use the ones providing best ROI.

3: Save on Time and Money
Manually setting up ad campaigns and tweaking things as you go along is going to cost you a lot of time. And as anyone involved in business knows, time is money. They’re practically the same thing once you break down the dynamics.

So to save on time and money, you need to streamline everything you’re doing with a quality ad-based marketing program. Qwaya makes a great program for this. Their scheduling options, along with quick ad creation tools and tracking features, allow you to save time and to run a fluid campaign without it interfering with your other tasks.

4: Be an Authentic Presence
It’s very hard to trust a business that’s not coming across as authentic. If you appear to only be around Facebook for the traffic, you will quickly be sniffed out as a pretender. So remember that your marketing channel, meaning your Facebook business page, has to be organic. You need to want to be a presence on Facebook.

At the end of the day, you’re only going to get out of Facebook what you put in. It’s important that you focus on creating a quality marketing channel by learning about Facebook, streamlining the process, getting the proper ads, and maintaining your authenticity. If you can do those few things, you can be a big player in the genre.

Guest Author Craig Robinson is a content member and writer for Qwaya – Facebook marketing campaign tool. Besides writing for Qwaya and handling the media coordination, Craig takes interest in following digital marketing trends and studies about social engagement on the web. You can follow Craig on Twitter at @craig_qwaya.