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New Years Social Media Resolutions

2012 is right around the corner and you are probably busy thinking of new years resolutions to make. But have you thought of setting new years resolutions for social media?

Bestselling author Robin Sharma once said, “Vague goals for your future promise vague results in your future.” So let’s set some clear and concrete goals for this new year:

X number of pageviews, followers, or likes. For example, you can set a goal for 1,000 more followers on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever other platform you use in 2012. This number is only a base objective – it should never be the ultimate or primary goal of your social media efforts.

If you have a 1 million followers, but only 0.01% take action (e.g. buy from you), then having 1 million followers isn’t very meaningful. You do need an audience, but the number is not a be-all, end-all.

Don’t fall into the trap of measuring the success of your social media efforts by this number.

Opt-ins, sign-ups and sales. These are much better metrics to set goals for. How many people signed up for your newsletter updates, bought your products and services, or became a new customer because of your social media efforts?

If you don’t know, then start creating custom landing pages and use tools like Google Analytics, which can tell you exactly where visitors to your website come from. If you already know the number of sign-ups that resulted from your social media use, increase that number in this new year. Challenge yourself and go beyond what you think is possible – don’t just settle for a safe number.

Become an expert in one area. Focus on one social media site, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another site and know it inside out. Read and subscribe to blogs (like ours!), watch videos and pick up a few book relating to that site. If you’d like, you can even sign up for a social media marketing course. We have a free Internet Marketing Training course available. You can also follow other business pages and see what they do well and where they can improve.

Becoming knowledgeable about a certain social media site is fairly cheap in terms of price. But you will have to be intentional and spend a little time on it.  It will certainly be worth it for yourself and your business. And if it takes you less than a year to accomplish this goal, move on and learn more about another site!

Listen more. Social media is about conversations, which means you can’t just keep talking. Listen to what your clients and customers have to say. What are their comments (good or bad) and concerns? Act on them and fix any problems they mention. You can even explicitly ask people, “How can I (we) help you?” Software like Trackur and Social Mention allow you to keep track of what people are saying about you.

Listen first, only then will others listen to what you have to say.

Now that I have shared a few social media goals for the new year, what are some you have set for 2012?