The Great Audio Fix

4 February 2009

Today we are going to be going over the big fix when creating multimedia on the internet.

In the last post, we talked about the biggest pitfall that we face when trying to use audio in our online business. Now we are going to go over the big fix when creating multimedia on the internet.

The solution is to use professional background music for intros and “outros” to all of your audio and video projects. You should also use audio for the transition music in the background of your multimedia files.

This is the secret to giving your multimedia creations that professional appeal that makes people stand up and take notice.

Take it from us, when someone sees two videos on the same subject and one is a sloppy homemade job and the other professional…who do you think they’ll pick? Obviously they are going to opt for the more professional one because they want to deal with a real business.

If you just look like a dude (or a dudette) in your t-shirt, they may run off before you can ever sell them something. That’s why it’s vital that you add this professional music to everything you do multimedia wise.

But there is a big problem with getting access to (and keeping it) when it comes to using audio online… You either have to hire a studio musician for thousands of dollars or buy stock music online for hundreds, which doesn’t include the additional royalties!

That may probably freak you out, but not to worry…next time we will go over the solution to this.

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