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Boost Your Facebook Fan Page Reach and Results – FREE LIVE WEBINAR + BONUSES!

Thursday, August 16th at 1:00pm PST / 4:00pm EST

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Fabulous Facebook

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


In this webinar you'll be able to "Learn how to MAKE Facebook a POWERFUL Marketing and Referral Source for your Business"
  • Discover how to make content go "VIRAL" and drive traffic to your page
  • Find out how to communicate with other businesses to share your content
  • Learn what "floats the Facebook algorithm’s boat" to ensure your content is being seen
  • Find out whether it’s quality or quantity of fan base that counts!
  • Learn how Facebook Competitions can be used to effectively reach your target market
  • Learn how to use shopping carts and other means to make money directly through Facebook (via)
You will also receive: A Facebook "quick tips" Guide, A Fast Action sheet and Recording of the full webinar for later reference.  
Investment $97.00

Free Webinar: The Science of Facebook Marketing

Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 1pm EST


In this webinar, you'll "Learn how to use Facebook to get people to talk about your business online."
HubSpot's social media scientist, Dan Zarrella, will discuss the sociology of the Facebook community and the scientific way of leveraging marketing opportunities on Facebook.
  • The behavior of demographic groups on Facebook
  • The sociology of the Facebook community
  • The difference between men and women's interactions on Facebook
  • Scientifically proven ways to get your content shared on Facebook
60 minutes, including Q&A
Dan Zarrella, Social Media Marketing Scientist



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How to Turn Your Facebook Page into a Marketing Channel

Although the intention in the creation of Facebook wasn’t to create an advertiser’s paradise that was the end result nevertheless (even though there are still things to be improved in the advertising interface.) Things that are done to enhance the user’s experience, like the new Timeline feature, can end up beneficial for businesses that know how to harness the power of social media.

In other words, Facebook has the potential to turn your small business into a profitable, “larger” business if you only know how to navigate the field and stay updated with Facebook’s new releases.

Below, we will discuss four different methods by which you can turn your page into a legitimate marketing channel for your small business.

4 Essential Tips for Facebook Businesses Marketing

1: Limit Your Predictability
Because there are so many businesses and so many ads circulating around on Facebook, many users find a lot of ads and attempts to attract followers to be very predictable. Of course, you never want to stray too far away from any set formula (i.e. what the other guys are doing); but you also don’t want to be a clone of anyone else.

As more and more Facebook users are getting used to seeing ads since ads appear more frequently and even in the regular feed, chances are they develop ad blindness and totally disregard generic ads with stock-photos and only clichés in the copy.

Be unpredictable if you want to attract buzz.

2: Learn the Mechanics of Facebook
You’re going to need to invest some time to learn the mechanics of Facebook and how to properly set things up quickly and effectively. You will eventually need to change and adapt, and no matter what, your page needs to remain a friendly, welcoming place for your visitors.

Because Facebook looks so simplistic, a lot of businesses don’t put much effort into learning about the site. This is the wrong approach. You need to focus on the site’s mechanics.

There are tons of advertising opportunities on Facebook right now, from the traditional external-site marketplace ads where you drive traffic to your web shop to sponsored stories, which are more like a recommendation from a friend rather than traditional advertising.

Make sure you test different ad types to make sure you use the ones providing best ROI.

3: Save on Time and Money
Manually setting up ad campaigns and tweaking things as you go along is going to cost you a lot of time. And as anyone involved in business knows, time is money. They’re practically the same thing once you break down the dynamics.

So to save on time and money, you need to streamline everything you’re doing with a quality ad-based marketing program. Qwaya makes a great program for this. Their scheduling options, along with quick ad creation tools and tracking features, allow you to save time and to run a fluid campaign without it interfering with your other tasks.

4: Be an Authentic Presence
It’s very hard to trust a business that’s not coming across as authentic. If you appear to only be around Facebook for the traffic, you will quickly be sniffed out as a pretender. So remember that your marketing channel, meaning your Facebook business page, has to be organic. You need to want to be a presence on Facebook.

At the end of the day, you’re only going to get out of Facebook what you put in. It’s important that you focus on creating a quality marketing channel by learning about Facebook, streamlining the process, getting the proper ads, and maintaining your authenticity. If you can do those few things, you can be a big player in the genre.

Guest Author Craig Robinson is a content member and writer for Qwaya – Facebook marketing campaign tool. Besides writing for Qwaya and handling the media coordination, Craig takes interest in following digital marketing trends and studies about social engagement on the web. You can follow Craig on Twitter at @craig_qwaya.

Facebook Business Page vs. Facebook Profile Page

Facebook Pages are the most straightforward way for businesses to have a presence on the Facebook social networking website. A Facebook business page is similar in its appearance to a standard Facebook profile – used by individuals who join Facebook, except that it’s designed to be the Facebook profile of a business.

People are becoming comfortable with conducting an increasing amount of their online activities exclusively on Facebook. Rather than using a search engine to find a product or service they need, some people are simply asking their Facebook friends for recommendations, or doing a search on Facebook itself. If you don’t have a Page set up for your business, you’ll be limited in how many of these potential customers can find you.

Begin the sign-up process by visiting the Facebook Pages area. Choose “Official Page.” When you create a new account, try to choose a Page name that is as close to your real business name as possible. This will make it easier for people who you already do business with you to find you on Facebook.

facebook business page

Once you’ve set up your Page, you can begin to build a following for your business. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that social networking tools such as Facebook are generally not very effective sales tools – at least in the traditional sense of the term “sales.” Facebook users that receive sales pitches on their Facebook walls tend to view the companies making them rather negatively. In fact, companies that try to use Facebook as a direct sales tool are quite often viewed– rightly or wrongly –as “spammers.”

Instead, you would be better served by viewing your Facebook business page as an opportunity to build a following or community around your business. For example, whenever someone follows or becomes a “fan” of your company’s Facebook Page, any time you post a status update or link or other item to your Page, your followers will get a notification in their main news feed. You can use your Page to announce new product offerings, sales or special offers that you may be conducting, or other interesting news about your business.

Resist the temptation to try to sell to these people by posting multiple status updates or notes every day. If your followers feel overwhelmed by the volume of updates from you (especially if it seems to them like some of the updates are “forced”, or not noteworthy information), there’s a good chance that they’ll simply un-follow you, and you’ll lose Facebook as a means of reaching that customer.

You should also consider how your business’ Facebook Page provides a new way to engage in a dialogue with your customers and potential customers. Ask customers what kind of new products and services they’d like to see from you, or how they might want you to refine your existing offerings. Once the conversation is underway, you may find that a greater number of people participate.

Sometimes the “business intelligence” you’ll gain from your Facebook business page is something you’d never be able to get any other way. For a free guide on how to correctly use Facebook marketing for your business, visit: