Social Media Listening – Why Is It Important?

11 January 2012

When you are not listening, you are not learning; and learning or monitoring what costumers and competitors are saying about your business, service, or product is extremely important in defending your brand’s image.

Social media offers the ability for customers to have conversations and interact directly in discussing opinions about a brand’s service or product, may it be god or bad. Ideally, you find only positive messages about your brand everywhere! But rarely is that the case.

One negative message can spread like wildfire, especially in the hands of social media users where information spreads like a virus. You truly make your brand vulnerable to these negative messages if you do not serve as a source of defense and engage in online reputation management (ORM). Take the time to manage your brands reputation by listening, here is why:

1. Learn through research – researching the costumer feedback online, may it be good or bad, helps your business directly improve the services and products you provide. Social media provides information and saves you time in trying to get your customers to take surveys and fill out “how are we doing” cards. This is great a tool, so do some research, seek it out, and utilize it!

2. Crisis management – discover a potential communication crisis early on and work to engage in a marketing strategy to eliminate future damage or repair damage that has already been made. This is a great way to be proactive and act as your own online “virus protection.”

3. Protect your brand’s image – Engage in your own PR by defending your brand and presenting a positive image. If you listen to what others are saying, you can work to counter act the negative messages.

You heard it here; the best way to engage in online reputation management is by listening and monitoring what customers and competitors are saying about your brand. Now be proactive, and go listen to what others are saying about your business!

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