Pinterest Announces Better Image Attribution: Flickr, Behance, Vimeo and YouTube

15 June 2012

One of the more perplexing problems for the social network, Pinterest, is attributing images to their source. To help in this regard, Pinterest has announced improved and automated attribution for Flickr. They also noted on their blog, that they are rolling out similar features with Behance, Vimeo and YouTube.

How Flickr Attribution Works

If you go to Flickr and do a search for “cute kittens” for example, and then you use your Pin It bookmarklet to choose an image to pin, a few things happen.

First, Pinterest will show you which images cannot be pinned because their creators have chosen not to allow sharing on Pinterest (we’ve blurred the image that can’t be pinned).

pinterest image attribution

When you choose an image that can be pinned, Pinterest will automatically include a pin link that shows the image as coming from the link you found it at.

In this case, because attempted to pin from a search results page, the pin is linked to the search page at

Instead of it’s actual page at:

A description of the pin is also automatically added that includes the photo’s description, the creator’s Flickr username and it’s source (Flickr). This information can be edited or deleted, allowing you to crete your own description.

However, this is simply the pin’s link and description. The actual attribution statement appears below your pin and you cannot edit the attribution statement at all. In this case, you can see the attribution statement beside the red arrow:


pinterest image attribution statement


The “Cute Kitten in Pocket” links to the photo’s actual location:

The username “PicturesOfCats” links directly to the user’s profile at:

And Flickr, links to well…

All in all, this creates a more sure way for image creators to receive proper attribution for their work. There is no indication on when other attribution integrations will be released, but Pinterest has announced that they’re coming.


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