How to Use Twitter in TweetDeck


TweetDeck is a free desktop software to help you organize your social media experience. By converging all your social media accounts into a series of columns it is very simple to absorb it all. Twitter, LinkedIn, Buzz, Face book, Foursquare and MySpace can all be managed through the program. The desktop software works on Windows and Mac OSX.

Step 1: Installing TweetDeck

Open your web browser and browse to Click on the Desktop link.

Now click on the “Download Now” button.

A small pop up window will appear and ask if you want to Open, Save or Cancel. Click Open and allow the program access to your PC. After it finishes installing, TweetDeck will start automatically.

Step 2: Adding Your Twitter Account to TweetDeck

When you run TweetDeck the first time, it will show a getting started window. For now, just click the Get Started button.

TweetDeck will prompt you to either sign in to TweetDeck or add a social media account manually. Click on Add Twitter.

The next prompt will ask for your Twitter user name and password. Fill in the information the same way you would log in to the actual Twitter website. TweetDeck uses your login information to retrieve your timelines, mentions, direct messages and trending topics.

Step 3: Composing Tweets with TweetDeck

Type your Tweet into the gray text entry area. As you type the counter will track how many characters remain in this Tweet. Click Send once your Tweet is complete.

TweetDeck offers some powerful tools for personalizing your Tweets refer to the chart below and try them out!

Icon Feature Description
Add or Change Location Clicking this icon will allow you to pick your physical location from a Google map. A link to this map will be attached to the Tweet you are typing.
Attach Photos and Videos Tweets with media come alive. Use this icon to add photos and videos to your Tweets.
Record Video from your Webcam If your computer has a Webcam attached to it, this icon will allow you to use it to capture a video and then add it directly to the tweet.
TweetShrink this Update This service will analyse your Tweet and shorten the total characters used to create it. It will abbreviate and use Twitter slang to reduce your update. Make sure you review the update after TweetShrinking it.
Translate this Update If your Tweet needs to reach an international audience this icon will analyse your Tweet and translate to a variety of languages.
Recent Hashtags TweetDeck tracks the hashtags you include in your updates and allows you to reuse them.
Schedule this Update If you would like your Tweet to be posted when you are not able to use a computer the schedule feature will hold your update until the scheduled time and then post it for you.

Step 4: Adding Columns in TweetDeck

By default TweetDeck formats your desktop for five columns but it is simple to add more. Each column focuses in on a specific social media feed. To start the five columns presented are All Friends, Mentions, Direct Messages, Trending: Worldwide and TweetDeck Recommends. All five are Twitter related. Click the Add Column icon to customize your view!

First we will add a search column. The Panel that pops up allows us to search Twitter for a user name or key word (or key phrase!). Type your search term into the text area and then click Search.

Click on Add Column again. This time we are going to add a list to the TweetDeck columns. Click on Groups / Lists and type the Twitter List URL you wish to read. Now click Add.

Now, just in case you accidently delete one of the TweetDeck Core columns or wish to add in more TweetDeck selected content click Add Column and set the selector to Core. A list of TweetDeck suggested content will appear. Clicking on any of the icons will add it to Tweetdeck.

Step 5: Reading a TweetDeck Column

TweetDeck will automatically adjust the size of your columns to take advantage of your screen size. Reading columns is simple and uses icons to quickly move the data around to your liking. To interact with another Tweeter hover your mouse over the profile picture. The picture will disappear and be replaced with four smaller icons.

Refer to the table below for a quick icon reference for reading columns.

Icon Feature Description
Reply to this Tweeter Allows you to reply to this Tweet. This will allow this conversation thread to be read in entirety.
Direct Message to this Tweeter Allows you to send a private Direct Message to this Tweeter.
Retweet this Tweet Selects this tweet to be Retweeted by you.
Other Actions Allows you to interact with this Tweeter from a further list of advanced options. Use this icon to add to this Tweeter to Lists.
Move Column Left Move this entire column left. Try it out!
Show what is Popular in this Column Removes all non popular tweets from this column.
Filter this Column Filter this column by name or keyword. This feature allows you in include or exclude according to your needs.
Mark All as Seen This feature will mark all the Tweets in this column as seen.
Clear Seen Updates Clicking this icon will remove all tweets marked seen from this column.
Clear All Click this to clear all tweets from this column.
Move Column Right Move this entire column right. Try it out to move the column you already moved left!

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