How to Test Different Ad Positions with AdPeeps


How to Test Different Ad Positions with AdPeeps

An experienced marketer will often want to know the answer to questions like …

Does a banner ad at the top of the page click through better than an ad along the side? Does a square ad in the middle of the page get higher results than a skyscraper ad?

How about conversions? Do certain positions result in more conversions?

Which actual banners work better than others? How do you test different styles of banner ads?

Whether you’re doing banner ads for your own affiliate products or for advertisers, testing your banner ads and ad positions for top click throughs and conversions is crucial. Here’s how to use the AdPeep ad platform to do so.

Step 1: Add All Your Target Test Zones

The first step is to add all the target zones you want to test on your site.

A target zone is any area you want to put a banner ad, and/or any page you want to put a banner ad.

For example, let’s say you have:

1 Banner, Front Page

1 Skyscraper, Front Page

1 Square, Front Page

1 Banner, Any Page

1 Skyscraper, Any Page

1 Square, Any Page

Each of these would be different target zones, as you’ll be showing different ads in each of these zones.

To start adding target zones, click the “Setup Target Zones” button.


Click “Add New” and keep adding new target zones until all your target zones are filled. Once you’re finished, you should see all your zones listed. For example:


Step 2: Add All Your Banner Ads

On your main screen, scroll down. On the left hand side, under advertisers, you’ll see a button where you can add more banner ads.


Add all the banner ads you want to test. Make sure that after you add a banner, you tell the system which zone you want to target. If you want the same ad in multiple zones, add the same banner ad multiple times and set it to a different zone each time.

If you want to test conversion tracking, make sure the Website URL address of each banner ad has a different tracking code. That way every conversion can be traced back to which banner ad they came from.


Once you’re finished, you’ll see a screen that looks like this:


Double check to make sure all your ads are in the zones they’re supposed to be in.

Step 3: Add All Your HTML

Click “Generate HTML Code” on the main page to add your HTML code.


Follow the on screen instructions to generate code that goes in each of your target zones.

At this point, you’ve already …

1. Added all your target zones where your banners will appear.

2. Added the banner ads you want to test.

3. Added the HTML code to make the ads start showing.

Now your site will automatically start to rotate through the many different banner ads you’ve added.

Step 4: Accessing the Results

Let your ads run for a period of time. Get enough data that the numbers are statistically significant.

Then, go into your statistics to see which banner ads and which ad positions performed better.

The “View Statistics” button is a little hard to find – It’s under the advertiser section, as shown below.


Once you’re in the results screen, you’ll see a readout that looks like this:


Here are the different segments of information available to you.

Hourly Breakdown – What time of day do you get the most traffic? When do you get the most clicks? Are there times of day when your ROI is lower? Are there times of day when you get a lot of traffic but not a lot of people clicking on ads?

Monthly and Daily Breakdowns – How many impressions and clicks did you get in a given month or day?

Break Down by Zone – One of the most useful pieces of data. Which zones on your website generate the most clicks? If you have 3 ads running on the same page, each with different zones, they’ll all have the same amount of impressions. Which one got the most clicks? Is there a clear winner that most people choose to click on over the others?

Breakdown by Ad – Which ads performed the best? Again, often times you’ll have multiple ads with the same amount of impressions yet with widely varying amounts of clicks.

To track your conversions back to your banners, log onto your affiliate or sales tracking tools and use the conversion tracking IDs you tagged your banners with to trace which conversions came from which banners.

AdPeep will automatically rotate all the banners within a given zone. You can test as many zones and as many banners as you want. Using this method, you can find out which ad positions on your website perform the best, get the highest CTR and the highest ROI for you and/or your advertisers.

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