How to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes


Submit Your Audio Recordings to iTunes

Submitting your audio recordings to iTunes in the form of podcasts will make your content available to the thousands of people who browse iTunes on their computers, iPhones and iPod Touch every day.

Fans will be able to automatically subscribe to your content and automatically download your podcasts any time you make a new release. Podcasting is simply a great way to reach a wider audience.

To submit your podcast, you’ll need to have an iTunes account, which you can create on

You’ll also need to have a blog. This is used to create your RSS feed that you’ll submit to iTunes. Although it’s technically possible to code your own RSS feed without a blog, it requires somewhat complex technical skills to do so.

Here’s how to submit your podcast to iTunes.

Step 1: Start Setting Up Your RSS

You’ll need to setup an RSS feed in order to submit your podcast. To do so, go to, Google’s free RSS creation service.

You’ll see a screen like this:

How to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes

Type in your blog URL in the address field, select “I am a podcaster!” and click Next.

Step 2: Name Your Feed

Give your RSS feed a name and click Next.

How to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes

Step 3: Write Down Your RSS Link

Feedburner will now give you your RSS link. Save this in a text file for later user.

How to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes

Click Next once you’ve written it down.

Step 4: Setup Your Podcast Info

Here is where you’ll write the subtitle, summary, choose the podcast image, etc.

This section will basically dictate the look and feel of your podcast. Spend some time refining your options before clicking next.

How to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes

Once you click Next, your settings will be saved. You can continue on to setup analytics with Feedburner if you choose. For now, we’ll just use our RSS feed as it is to submit it to iTunes.

What this RSS feed will do is pick up any links you post on your blog and create enclosures out of them, meaning it’ll note them as podcasts to iTunes.

All you need to do is upload you files online and post them to your blog and iTunes will automatically pick those files up as a new podcast. You don’t have to submit it every time once your RSS feed is in the iTunes system.

Step 5: Open the iTunes Store

How to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes

Open your iTunes desktop application. Navigate to the iTunes Store.

Step 6: Select Podcasts

Select Podcasts along the top bar.

How to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes

Step 7: Select Submit a Podcast

Along the right hand side is a list of options. Click “Submit a Podcast” to start the podcast submission process.

How to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes

Step 8: Enter Your RSS Feed

Enter the URL of the RSS feed which you wrote down.

How to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes

Step 9: Choose Category & Submit

How to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes

iTunes will then pull up the data on your podcast from your RSS feed. Confirm to make sure everything looks as it should.

Use the dropdown box to select what category your Podcast goes in. This will help casual browsers find your content more easily.

Finally, once everything is in order click Submit to have Apple review your podcast. That process can take anywhere from a couple days to 3 weeks.

Congratulations! You’ve submitted your first podcast.

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