How to Sell Ads with AdPeeps


How to Sell Ads with AdPeeps

If you can find direct advertisers for your websites, you’ll often make more money than if you used Google AdSense.

Once you have an advertiser however, how do you actually manage their ads and place those ads on your website?

There are many scripts and programs you can use to sell ads. AdPeep is an ad server that has both an externally hosted version as well as a script that you can purchase and host on your own server.

How do you setup and use AdPeep to manage your advertising? Here’s the step by step guide.

Step 1: Signup for the Trial

Go to

You’ll see the screen below. Click the “SIGNUP” button to get started.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Step 2: Fill Out the Form

Fill out the registration form.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Step 3: Verify & Create Password

Once you’ve created an account, an email will be sent to your inbox to verify your account. Click the link to confirm your account.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

You’ll then land on a page where you can create your password.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Once you’ve created your password and clicked signup, you’ll receive an email with a link to your login information.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Save that link, as it’s unique to your account.

Step 4: Setup Target Zones

A target zone is an area of your website where ads will be displayed. You need to setup target zones just once, then different banner ads can automatically be rotated in and out of those target zones.

Here’s how to setup your first target zone. Start by clicking on “Setup Target Zones” on your main account screen.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Once you’re in the Setup Target Zones page, click “Add New” to add a new zone.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Name your zone according to where on your site you plan to place your ad. For example, if you have a square box on your main page, you might call it 300x200_main. If it’s your top banner, it might just be top_banner.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Setup as many zones as you have spots for banners. Then go back to the main page to continue the process.

Step 5: Setup Advertisers

To get started with creating an advertiser, which keeps track of all the ads created and owned by an advertiser, click “Create New Advertiser” on your main screen.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Fill out the advertiser form. If you want your advertiser to be able to log in and check their own stats, make sure you create an account name and a password for them as well.

Everything except the Advertiser Name is optional. Click “Create Advertiser and Setup Ad” when you’re finished.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Step 6: Setup Your First Ad

The ad setup screen is where you select all the options about how your banner ad behaves.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Here’s what each section means:

1) The ad size can generally be set to automatically detect size. If you know the exact size and want to be absolutely sure that size is displayed. Select your size.

The description alt tag is what people will see in text before the image loads. It’s also what they’ll see when they hover their mouse over the image.

2) This is where you upload your image. You can also use a remote URL, meaning the banner is hosted somewhere else. If you have rich media content, meaning interactive banners, you can paste it in the box here as well.

3) This is where you specify the page you want visitors to go to after they click on your banner ad.

When you’re done, click save changes. Then, along the top row select “Targeting.”

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

This is where you choose where your banner ad will appear. By default all banners are saved to Default. Switch it to the zone you want the banner to appear in then save your changes.

Step 7: Generate HTML Code

This is where you create the code you need to have your banners display on your site. Go back to the main screen and click “Generate HTML Code.”

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Select the ad sizes for the code you’re generating.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Once your ad size is selected, you’ll be taken to the HTML Code Generator screen.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

The screen has many options you can choose from. You can choose to have your banners rotate every X seconds, for example. It can have a border on or off, etc.

In general, to have a banner ad that behaves like a normal banner ad, just leave all the options as they are. Just select the zone you’re generating the code for, change any options you want to change and hit generate code.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

The HTML code box will pop up below the “Generate HTML Code” button. Copy and paste this into Dreamweaver, XSitePro or whatever HTML editing program you use.

Sell Ads with AdPeeps

Paste the code on all the pages that you want the banner ad to appear in. Remember to paste this code only for pages that have the zone you want in it. For example, if you have separate zones for the home page and your sub pages, you’ll have to generate and paste different codes for the home page and the subpages.

Once your code is in place, upload your files. You’re done! Your banner ads will now start showing on your site in the targeted zones.


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