Global Marketing Strategies and SEM

8 March 2009

The global market place affects pretty much everyone. Any business model that ignores this fact is outdated. It used to be that you wouldn’t have to worry about global marketing strategies unless you were a large multinational conglomerate, but this is true no longer. International brand positioning and identity are imported from the ground up. With the increasing skills of national and international brands at capturing niche markets, niche brands in turn have to be aware of global markets. In the long run, this is the best way to stay competitive.

That is why even narrowly focused marketing companies try to be aware of the global scene. There is simply no other way to go about it. Using globally positioned brands names allows them to stay ahead of the curve. Otherwise, it is very easy to miss a regional marketing strategy that is making inroads in your own market. After all, who is to say that global marketing strategies used in small-town Canada won’t work in small town America? By watching the trends before they affect you, you can be prepared for when they hit your locality.

One of the most important global marketing strategies in the current age is global search engine marketing or SEM. Globally positioned markets try to dominate search traffic even in areas where they have not yet penetrated the consumer market. This is one of the best ways to increase brand recognition. If you are selling a brand of soda pop for example, and every time someone Googles soda pop your brand comes up, they will already recognize it by the time it makes it to the local grocery store. Though this advertising doesn’t come free, it is much cheaper than an international ad campaign. If you optimize for search traffic, you really can effectively advertise everywhere at once.

Many of the most interesting and effective global marketing strategies are currently being developed on the Internet. Viral and guerrilla marketing is easier than ever using electronic communication. After all, you can make a virtually unlimited number of copies for absolutely nothing. People who would change the channel automatically when the commercials come on still may be willing to look at a clever video that your company has put together. If they like it, they will even send it on to their friends. By studying Internet consumer habits, you can develop global marketing strategies that take care of themselves.

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