Direct Response Website Design 3-Click Rule

9 February 2009

Today we'll talk about what is involved in the designing of the direct response website. As with everything, you need to get the basics right in order for direct response to work.

First, work out a detailed site map and design before you think of proceeding any further. This is because without a proper site map you would add to your cost if the page does not work the way you imagined. This could be your basic business plan – once you have the blueprint, you can always change it after it goes live.

The best and most effective direct response website functions on the three click rule. If there are any more steps between the visitor’s wish to buy and the completion of the buying process – you will lose the customer. So, a direct response site needs to be built in such a manner that the customer never needs to click more than three times to buy the product or service.

If you feel comfortable with html and have a basic technical understanding of computers, you can easily create the flow of the direct response website. Otherwise, we highly recommend that you hire a professional website programmer. This is the very foundation on which your online business is being built. You definitely cannot afford any mistakes here – nor can you afford to take any chances.

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