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Sendible Social Media Management & Team Collaboration

Sendible Social Media Management & Team Collaboration

Sendible’s team management tools and abilities give it extra value to those who outsource, manage, serve or employ others.

Sendible’s Business Package includes up to four extra users. If you would like to add an extra user or two, you can simply pay an additional $17.50 per month.  This means that you can add a client as a user without upgrading to a larger plan.  (You can also manage permissions so that he doesn’t have access to private areas of your account.)

But it isn’t only clients you can include in your Sendible stable:  Create valuable team members from your employees or favorite, regular freelancers – team members who can take care of tasks for you, receiving as much or as little supervision and accountability as you wish.

Sharing is secure and easy, thanks to Sendible’s ability to assign or deny specific permissions for each of your users.  No passwords involved (except the Sendible password you create for them).

The types of permission granted can vary too:  You can assign strictly sharing privileges for specific social network accounts without having to share your password.  You can also grant administrative privileges, depending upon team needs.

One other useful feature that allows you to ensure quality and consistency of all posts and messages is the ability to approve team member content before it is posted.

Step 1. Creating Users and Assigning Permissions

First you need to grant your team member access to your Sendible account.

Logging into your account will automatically put you at your Dashboard. Click on the “My Users” tab, upper right-hand corner.

my users on Sendible

Once you’ve opened the User section, click on the Sharing tab.

sharing tab


Select “Create New User”.

new user tab

A popup will open up, asking you to fill in the user contact details and advising you how many user slots are left for you to fill.  Go ahead and fill in the details for this user.

user info screen

If they belong to a different company than yours (e.g. your new user is a freelancer who has their own company name) you can change the “Fullname/Company” field to reflect this.

Note that you can use a drop-down menu in the “Managed by” field to change the person who manages your user.

You can also select what user type category you wish to assign them from a drop-down menu – in this case, “Team Member”.  (Other categories are “Client” and “Administrator”.)

  • Use “Team Member” if you wish to restrict your employee or freelancer to specific areas, tasks and privileges.
  • Use “Administrator” if you wish your user to administer and have access to your entire account.

Step 2.  Editing the Workflow

One last action to take:  Slide your eyes down to “Approval Workflow” and decide whether or not you need to approve your new user’s content before it is published. If you wish to change this setting, select “edit”.

Finally, when you are satisfied the New User popup is filled out correctly, click the “Save” button.

approval screen

Note that you don’t necessarily have to be the one who oversees all team members’ work.  In fact, you can go back any time and edit “Approval Workflow” to assign management of other team members to someone else on your team.

content approved by screen

For example, let’s say you’re the Administrative Editor of a magazine, and you’ve become so busy, you’ve just hired Merlin Smith as your new Managing Editor.  You can then assign all writers you’ve added to your Sendible team to Merlin Smith.

He is now the person in your company who approves everything your writers submit or post.  You don’t even have to worry about who’s doing what.

Here’s how it works:

  • User/writer John Doe reports to Merlin Smith.
  • Managing Editor Merlin Smith reports directly to you.  Now you only deal with one person – not a dozen.  You are free to focus on making executive decisions for the magazine.

You can also set separate permissions for each user.  Click on the “My Users” tab.  Select your team member.

select team member

When the popup for that team member appears, select “Permissions” from the bottom tabs within the popup.

permissions screen

Another popup will open up.  You can check and uncheck the boxes in the upper portion to grant or deny access to available features such as reports, groups and SMS.

remove services procedure

You can also remove services available to that user by highlighting the service in the “Added Services” field, then using the backward arrow tab to send it over to your “Removed Services” field.

backward arrow tab screen

Your user will then no longer be able to access that particular Service.

(Remember to “Save User” when you’re finished editing permissions!)

Step 3. Assigning Messages

You can customize Sendible for your team members even further.  One way is to assign particular messages from your own Inbox to specific team members.

Go to your Message Box and open your Inbox.

inbox shot

Find the message you’d like to assign to a team member.

Without opening the message, mark the checkbox to its left, then click on the “Assign” tab, above it.

assign tab

You can then send a message to your team member, if you wish, letting her know what you’d like done with that particular message.  Once you’ve composed it, press the “Assign” button.

assign message

When you’ve finished assigning messages, you’ll see the company or position of each team member at the extreme right side of each message in your inbox.  This helps you know immediately if someone else is taking care of it for you.

assigned to screen

You can also assign or delete tasks through the “Tasks” folder on the left hand side of your message box.

Either way you do it, your team member will receive a message in their Inbox, letting them know a new task has been assigned to them.  (Be sure to remind them to press the “Mark Done” button when they’ve completed it.)

Step 4.  Who Does What

The beauty of Sendible is that you can instantly allow team members access to certain social networks and clients without having to share confidential passwords with them.  Simply assigning these Services to your team member will allow them access to specific clients, tasks and social networks and services when they log onto Sendible.

You can also assign team members to monitor different messages from your “Monitoring” tab in your Message box.

Just select the checkbox to the left of the message you want your team member to monitor and then click on the “Assign” tab and choose the appropriate team member.

Sendible monitoring screen

Step 5. Let your Team Members Know!

There is sometimes confusion reported among business owners on the subject of notifying team members they’ve been added to Sendible.

Once your team members are able to log onto Sendible the first time, they will be notified of tasks assigned, messages to monitor and more through their Sendible inbox.  When you first add them to Sendible itself, however, you will need to let your team member know this has been done, and provide each one with his or her unique login information.  (Sendible doesn’t send out external emails to let new users know you’ve added them.)

Your team member then can then access Sendible and see what tasks have been assigned to her, send and receive messages, and discover what other privileges she can access.

Let her know:

  • Who she will be answering to
  • Whether or not her content needs approval
  • Which tasks she is going to be responsible for

And anything else you need to tell her.

Two links you might find helpful as you first navigate your way around this incredible social Dashboard:  Sendible’s User Manual and YouTube Channel, where you’ll find twenty-three “how to” videos – including a Quick Start video.

Sendible can feel a little tricky at first, but once you’ve got a few functions under your belt and slip into the Sendible mindset, it should suddenly all click into place.  It sounds like hype to say it, but once you’ve set up your team protocols and assigned responsibilities, it will feel as if your team is virtually managing itself.

The key is good initial communication, so once you’ve got everyone on your team in sync with Sendible, you should notice less confusion, less stress and better communication all round.


Sendible Review and How to Get Started Guide

Sendible Review and How to Get Started Guide

Sendible is a social media analytics and message management dashboard.  It allows you to:

  • Keep track of social media, email and SMS campaigns
  • Keep up with significant RSS feeds at a glance
  • Organize yourself with a calendar
  • Manage team members and other users
  • Schedule messages and manage your online reputation

…all from one simple platform.

Its many benefits include saving you time and reducing the confusion of managing multiple platforms and users.  We reviewed many social media analytics and management platforms over the past few years. This one works best for us and our clients. So instead of a traditional review, we will actually walk you through the process of setting up so that you can try Sendible for yourself. Since there is a free trial there is no risk in checking it out for yourself. That’s what we did.

Step 1: Start the Process

Signing up is easy and there’s a “risk-free” thirty-day trial. Click on the sign up link in the top right menu bar.

sendible signup

A selection of plans at varying prices will immediately open up.

Read through the features provided with each plan, then click on the green “Start Trial” button for the particular plan that appeals to your needs.  (Don’t worry – you don’t have to part with your credit card details until the end of your free trial.)

If none of the plans quite fits your needs, contact a Sendible sales representative at 1-315-623-4480 to see if you can work out a custom plan.

Step 2. Complete Your Information

Once you’ve selected a plan and clicked on the green “Start Trial” button for that particular plan, you’ll be asked to provide your personal information.  Go ahead and enter your name and contact information.

enter your info

(Be sure to select the correct time zone for your region.)

Next, choose a username and password.

choose username and password

Finally, enter your company and team information.  Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

company info and team info

What You Need to Know about Cancelling or Upgrading

If you decide you need a lighter or heavier plan than the one you signed up for, you will not be stuck with the type of account you signed up with – upgrading to any paid plan is acceptable.

Once you do upgrade, you will be billed for the first month immediately via your credit card (payment is always one month in advance).

You can also upgrade or downgrade at any time – the change and new charge will take effect on your new billing cycle.

If you decide to cancel, you can do so at any time within your trial period. The date your free trial ends is displayed right underneath the black “Start Free Trial” button.

free trial end

To cancel: 

  1. Log into Sendible
  2. Select “My Account”
  3. Select “Cancel”

Cancellation is immediate and your account information is erased.  (It is not recoverable, so make sure you really want to do this.)

Step 3. Setting Up Your Account

Once you have selected the black “Start Free Trial” button, you will be asked to set up your profile.  You will notice straight away that your company name and URL have already been pre-populated in the Textarea boxes for you.

setup your account

You then have the choice of allowing Sendible to automatically begin searching social networks and web content for mentions of your business.  If you don’t wish Sendible to begin this process right now, ignore the black “Continue” button and select the “Do this later” link.

do this later

Check your email inbox for Sendible’s Activation letter.  You can activate immediately via the “Activate your account” button at the end of the letter or continue with setting up your social networks and activate your account next time you log in.

Step 4.  Adding Your Social Networks

If you’ve allowed Sendible to search for your networks, it will walk you through an easy set-up process for all your social networks.

You’ll see a screen straight away asking you to add your Twitter account.

adding your social network

Select the black “Continue to…” button to be taken to an authorization page, where you will click on the “Authorize app” button.

The moment you’ve done this, you will see a message on your screen for a few seconds letting you know the process is in progress.

redirecting back

When it has added Twitter to your profile, you will see the next social network set up screen; in this case,  Facebook.

Select the black “Continue to Facebook” button.

facebook connect

As with Twitter, you’ll be taken to the log-in page.  Enter your Facebook username and password.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be asked to authorize the Sendible app.  Be sure to select exactly who to display Sendible posts to by using the drop-down menu under the default “Public” button.

Once you’ve selected your preferred Sendible/Facebook privacy setting, click on the “Go to App” button in the top-right corner.

facebook app access

You’ll be taken to another page asking you to allow Sendible to take various actions on your behalf in Facebook.  Click on “Allow” to give permission for all actions.

click to allow

If you don’t want to give permission for a particular action, simply click on the “X” to the right of that action description, and select “Don’t allow” from the drop-down menu.

don't allow button

Once you’ve clicked on the “Allow” button, Sendible will also prompt you to add your Facebook Pages, plus select Pages you like; all from your “Pages I admin…” drop-down menu.

add fb page

Step 5.  Adding Your Blog

Once you’ve added your social networks, Sendible will ask you to add your blog.  Your first action will be to select your blogging platform from the drop-down menu.

adding your blog

Once you’ve selected your blogging platform, add your log-in details.

your blog login details

Step 6.  Checking Your Summary

You’re almost there.  Sendible will now display a summary of all the social networks, pages, platforms and sites it has added.

setup complete

You can now continue on to your Dashboard.

Step 7.  Getting to Know Your Dashboard

This is where all the magic happens.  Note that you can compose messages in an area that looks very like a WordPress blog “Add Post” area, with very similar formatting options.

Sendible dashboard

On the left-hand vertical menu, you’ll find your feeds, calendar, and message monitoring and handling.  You’ll also be able to check the buzz about you and your brand, as well as assign tasks to your team. (Less expensive packages will not have all these options.)

The best way to learn all about these options is to play around with them and start using them:  But before you get to that stage, one last thing you’ll need to do is set up your Profile.

Click on the “My Profile” horizontal tab in the upper right hand corner.

my profile tab

This opens to a page that lets you edit your personal details (#1), subscriptions and other categories (#2).

your personal details

When you click on the tab for each category, these expand further, allowing you to take the following actions:

  1. Contact Details – In addition to the usual contact information such as company address, mobile number and website URL, this category also allows you to add a short bio
  2. Picture/Logo – Allows you to browser your computer and insert a 150 X 150 pixel headshot
  3. Time Settings – Allows you to not only edit your local time zone, but toggle between a 12-hour or a 24-hour clock
  4. Preferences – Allows you to switch between toggle view and list view, turn inline help tips on or off, preschedule automatic messages, pause scheduled messages, manage privacy and more
  5. Group Posting – Allows you to designate Sendible messages to either be published to your groups or sent as drafts
  6. Url Shortening – Allows you to provide the password and key for your favorite url shortener, which you select from a drop-down list.  (If you don’t use url shortening, simply leave all the fields blank.)
  7. Images – Allows you to select from Twitter, TwitPic or yFrog image shorteners
  8. Location – Allows you to enter your exact street address for Sendible’s location-based services to use.  (They promise it won’t be shared with any third parties!)
  9. Remote API Key – You can give your API key to third-party websites and applications, allowing them to interact on your behalf with Sendible.  Security-wise, this is a preferred alternative to giving other sites your password

When you’ve adjusted these categories to your satisfaction, be sure to press the “Save” button!

Step 8.  Add/Edit Services

Finally, if you access the “Add Services” tab in your top-left horizontal menu, you can also add bookmarks and other sites you regularly use, streams, blogs, brand and review monitoring and a whole host of other tools. (Simply select the services you want and “add” them.)

add and edit services

This is only just the beginning of your journey with Sendible, but already you will have seen how easy it is to get started. You’re well on your way to eliminating the clutter and confusion of multiple login details and folders while dancing between different platforms and sites.

Sendible makes it easy for you to manage all your communication and monitoring in one easy Dashboard.  When you are ready, you can try it for free today.

Facebook Upgrades Photo Viewing and Sharing, Adds Highlighting Feature

Facebook Upgrades Photo Viewing and Sharing, Adds Highlighting Feature

Facebook just announced today that they're adding improvements to the photos section, which would turn photo viewing more enjoyable.  With the photo view upgrade, you will be able to highlight your favorite photos in your album and even photos you're tagged in. 

"Showcase photos you like…. With your Facebook photos all in one section, it’s simple to show friends your favorites. Click the star button to make important photos stand out."


Here's how your photos would look with the upgrade:



The new design brings you first to the photos you're tagged in, unlike the old that shows the list of your albums and  burries tagged photos at the bottom of the page. 

While many are excited about this upgrade, some just can't resist to point out that it's just a copy of Google+ albums. 


Google+ automatically highlights the most popular photos based on +1's and comments, which is not how the Facebook album redesign works. Facebook gives you that liberty to showcase photos you most like. 

Here's how a photo album looks like on Google+:


So what do you think? Which is better? Are you excited to see this change on Facebook?

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LinkedIn Security Breach: Millions of Passwords Compromised and What You Should Do About It

On June 6, 2012, LinkedIn announced publicly that may have suffered from a security breach that compromised the passwords of many of its members. On June 9th, they confirmed that the security breach definitely occurred and may have effected up to 6.5 million users. They say they are working with the FBI to track down the criminals involved.

Information You Should Know About This Breach

  • LinkedIn says that they have disabled the passwords of members they believe to have been at risk.
  • LinkedIn does not believe that the actual accounts have been breached because of the stolen passwords.
  • According to, many of the passwords that were cracked were simple words like “link”, “god”, “work” and number patterns like 1234.

If Your Password Has Been Disabled

As  mentioned, LinkedIn has disabled the passwords on the accounts they believe have been breached. You should have received an email notification on how to reset your password.

NOTE: There are no links in this official email to help protect you from phishing attempts…you should never follow links in an email to reset your password if you didn’t specifically request it. Instead, if you got the email from LinkedIn. You should open your browser, go directly to and then follow the instructions on resetting your password.  

If Your Password Has Not Been Disabled

Even if your password has not been disabled by LinkedIn, it’s still a good idea to change your password.  Here is how to change your LinkedIn password:

Go to – to reset your password.

LinkedIn request password reset

You will then get a notice that tells you to check your email for a password reset link. 

LinkedIn password reset link

You CAN click on the link in this email because you specifically requested it. It will include your full name that you used for LinkedIn account. The email will look something like this:

LinkedIn password reset email

Once you’ve clicked the link in the email, you’ll be taken to a page that asks you to enter and confirm a new password.

LinkedIn resetting password

Click “Reset Password” when you’re finished and the process will be complete. You will see the message below on the screen. You will also receive an email confirmation of the reset. 

LinkedIn successfully reset password

Tips for Secure Passwords

  • Use different characters and not just letters.
  • Capitalize a letter or two in your password.
  • Avoid keyword patterns like 1234 and qwerty.
  • Avoid using a simple word or phrase that is easy to guess and never use a single word.
  • Always create a new password for each log in you create. 
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Sudden Twitter and Pinterest Email Digests: How to Opt Out

You may have noticed that in the past few weeks, you started receiving digest-type emails from Twitter and Pinterest. While these emails may contain some information that is useful to you, they may have come as a surprise. This guide shows you how to to opt out of these emails if you wish to.


On May 14, 2012, Twitter announced that they would be sending out weekly email digests that claim to share “the most relevant Tweets and stories shared by the people you’re connected to on Twitter.”

The digest also includes what they call, “also features the most engaging Tweets seen by the people you follow, even if you don’t follow those who wrote them.” You can click through on these and see the details of who retweeted or favorited those tweets.

If you want to opt out of these emails, simply go to your notification settings. At the bottom of this page, you’ll see the settings for “Updates.” The weekly digest is the bottom option. Uncheck that box if you don’t want to receive them.

twitter email opt out

Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” when you’re done.


Late in May 2012, Pinterest began sending out weekly emails that include:

  • Your Weekly Stats: How many people started following you and who they are.
  • Popular Boards: These appear to be boards that are popular amongst Pinterest in general and seemingly related to the interests you’ve indicated
  • Pins You’ll Love: These appear to be popular pins from people that you follow.

If you don’t want to receive these emails, you can find a link at the bottom of the email to change your preferences. Or go to “Settings”:


Choose “Change Email Settings”:

pinterest email opt out


There, you can turn the digest email settings to “Off”:


Don’t forget to click “Save Settings” when you’re done.

Pinterest Announces Better Image Attribution: Flickr, Behance, Vimeo and YouTube

One of the more perplexing problems for the social network, Pinterest, is attributing images to their source. To help in this regard, Pinterest has announced improved and automated attribution for Flickr. They also noted on their blog, that they are rolling out similar features with Behance, Vimeo and YouTube.

How Flickr Attribution Works

If you go to Flickr and do a search for “cute kittens” for example, and then you use your Pin It bookmarklet to choose an image to pin, a few things happen.

First, Pinterest will show you which images cannot be pinned because their creators have chosen not to allow sharing on Pinterest (we’ve blurred the image that can’t be pinned).

pinterest image attribution

When you choose an image that can be pinned, Pinterest will automatically include a pin link that shows the image as coming from the link you found it at.

In this case, because attempted to pin from a search results page, the pin is linked to the search page at

Instead of it’s actual page at:

A description of the pin is also automatically added that includes the photo’s description, the creator’s Flickr username and it’s source (Flickr). This information can be edited or deleted, allowing you to crete your own description.

However, this is simply the pin’s link and description. The actual attribution statement appears below your pin and you cannot edit the attribution statement at all. In this case, you can see the attribution statement beside the red arrow:


pinterest image attribution statement


The “Cute Kitten in Pocket” links to the photo’s actual location:

The username “PicturesOfCats” links directly to the user’s profile at:

And Flickr, links to well…

All in all, this creates a more sure way for image creators to receive proper attribution for their work. There is no indication on when other attribution integrations will be released, but Pinterest has announced that they’re coming.


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Social Media Events Calendar – 12 Events for Summer 2012

If you’re looking for some fun and informative social media events to attend, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few you might consider over the next couple of months.

June 11-13: Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco, California

Described as: “The must-attend conference for digital, social and mobile marketing is returning to San Francisco on June 12-13 to the Fort Mason Center.”

Cost: $299 for 2 days

Speakers: Kare Anderson, Chris Brogan, Kevin Akeroyd, Rick Bakas, Eric Boggs and more.



June 13-14: Corporate Social Media Summit in New York, New York

Described as: “This is the premier meeting place for the latest best practice into social media strategy. Now in its 3rd year, it provides the ultimate learning and industry networking experience for the ever-changing marketing community.”

Cost: $1800 – $2895

Speakers: Representatives from large companies including Whole Foods, Citi, The Gap, Comcast, McDonalds, Adobe, Lego, New Jersey Devils and more. 



June 19-20: Corporate Social Media Summit in San Francisco, California

Described As: “The Corporate Social Media Summit is back for its second year, offering you 'the' conference designed for the corporate. We promise to help you advance your engagement strategies, exceed ROI expectation, and discover where social media going in 2012 and beyond… with exclusive case studies from 'front line' Social Media practitioners, including: eBay, 24 Hour Fitness, Walgreens and many more.”

Cost: $1800 – $2895

Speakers: Representatives from eBay, Walgreens, Whole Foods, EventBrite, Telus, General Mills and more.



June 19-20: Emerging Media Conference in Seattle, Washington

Described As: “This unique social media conference is full of social, mobile, and gaming inspired topics from thought leaders that are intellectually influential in emerging technologies. Bringing hundreds of the most prominent decision-makers in the social, mobile, and gaming industry together to network, discover upcoming products and services, and share ideas about the future of emerging media.”

Cost: $398 – $718

Speakers: Speaker list is not published, but websites notes that some of the companies that have registered for the conference include The Home Depot, Expedia, CNN, Bing, American Express and T Mobile.



June 25-26: Social Media B2C Marketing Summit Europe in London, England

Described As: “Take your social media initiatives to the next level and boost performance. Add value to your brand, increase your online leads and most importantly increase ROI.”

Cost: £1295 – £2095 + VAT

Speakers: Representatives from Heineken, Unilever, Expedia, Tom Tom, Nissan, Honda, Nokia and more.



June 28-29: All Facebook Marketing Conference

Described As: “AllFacebook Marketing Conference 2012 provides proven solutions for building brands and engaging prospective customers. Learn how to grow your follower base and deliver real revenue-generating results.”

Cost: $25 – $599

Speakers: David M. Adler, Duncan Alney, Brian Bond, Lisa Buyer, Bill Common, Robert Scoble, Peter Vogel and more.



June 29: Mashable’s “Social Media Day”

(Meet Ups in 414 Cities, at time of this writing)

Described As: “We launched the event in 2010 as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. We invite you to join fellow social media enthusiasts by hosting or attending a Social Media Day Meetup in your area.”

Cost: Free

Speakers: N/A



July 1: Social Media Value in London, England

Described As: “For one day only, Brand Republic are bringing together those that are leading in the social space to delve into the biggest challenges facing the industry today; from demonstrating a ROI to exploring how the channels are evolving.”

Cost: £549 + VAT

Speakers: Anirban Saha, Price B. Floyd, Anna Hill, Laura Pierce, William Woodhams and more.



July 26: Social Mix in Toronto, Canada

Described As: “Learn how to harness the power of social media marketing for your business. What it means to engage, share and build relationships. And why 'one on one' relationship building with consumers is crucial to your success.”

Cost: Early Bird to June 18 is $150. After that, it’s $299.

Speakers: Gary Vaynerchuk, Amber Mac, Geoff Livingston, Danny Brown and Gini Dietrich



August 2-4: BlogHer in New York, New York

Described As: “BlogHer's 8th Annual Conference is headed back to New York City in 2012. Thousands of bloggers will come together to connect, learn and inspire.”

Cost: $79 – $598

Speakers:  A huge list including Adria Richards, Alex Asher Sears, Andrew Wilder, Carol Cain, Cecily Kellogg, Jennifer Armstrong, Laura Galloway, Lynette Young, Melanie Edwards and more.



August 21 – 22: Social Media Strategies Summit

Described As: “Whether your organization is just starting out or in the forefront of social media, Social Media Strategies Conference will take your social strategy to the next level. Through hands-on workshops, case studies and keynotes, our Denver conference will provide attendees with emerging strategies, tactics and the top do’s and don’ts of social media marketing.”

Cost: $395 – $1690 (non-profits get in for less)

Speakers: Representatives from Boston Market, NCAA, Sports Authority, Warner Home Video and other companies providing social media expertise.



Sept 4-6: Content Marketing World in Columbus, Ohio

Described As: “Content Marketing World is the largest gathering of content marketing professionals in the world. Our 2011 event brought together over 600 marketing professionals from 18 different countries.”

Cost: $1295 – $1690

Speakers: Sam Sebastian (Google), Mitch Joel and Jack Hanna. Representatives from Kraft, Sears Intel and more. Other featured speakers include Brian Clark, Lee Odden and Michael Stelzner.



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