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Optimizing Your Site For Mobile Devices

So you’re bored, sitting on the bus ride home and what do you catch yourself doing? Exploring the web on your mobile phone. But wait, so is everyone else around you.

Smartphones, like the iPhone or Google Android, are growing in popularity; consequently, mobile web usage has become an escalating trend. More and more people conduct research and buy products straight from their phone than ever before. So clearly, the best way to overcome the competition among businesses is to have the fastest, most accessible, and user friendly website for mobile phones.

Consider this, you are doing research on your phone and discover two sites selling the same product at the same price. One site however, is slow and difficult to navigate, and the other is fast, provides easily accessible information, and looks appealing. Which are you more likely to use?

Here are a few tips to help in mobile web development:

1. WebKit – There is no standard format for mobile web development, but more and more smartphone operating systems are following the iPhone’s lead in using WebKit to standardize the display of their webpage. In other words, using WebKit will make your webpage look more consistent on majority of the smartphones.

2. WPTouch – If the website you created runs on WordPress CMS, there’s a great plugin called WPTouch that can quickly optimize your website for the iPhone and Android devices. Did I mention it’s free?

3. Mobify Want to enhance the performance of your site? Who doesn’t! Mobify is a free service that assists in creating a mobile version of your already created website. It works great with WordPress, Drupal and ExpressionEngine.

If you want to get ahead of the business competition, invest some time in creating a fast, visually appealing, and user friendly mobile website.