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Facebook Announces Page Post Scheduling Feature

Here’s a feature that might have many 3rd party applications shaking in their boots. You can now schedule your posts, right down to the minute, on your Facebook Pages and it’s very easy to do. Simply go to your Facebook Page and write your status update as always. In the bottom left corner, you’ll see a clock icon.    Write your update, as usual, and then click that clock... Read more →

Twitter Has Improved Its Facebook Integration: Post to Pages

For a long time, you have been able to link your Twitter account to your Facebook account, but recently Facebook announced some new features, most notably, the ability to post to Facebook Pages instead. How to Post to Facebook Pages: Instead of simply posting to your personal profile, you can now post to your Facebook Page. To do this, go to your Twitter Profile Settlings. NOTE: If you currently have... Read more →

Facebook for Tweens?

As you may be aware, the current minimum age required to have a Facebook account is 13. However, that hasn’t stopped many younger children from creating accounts. In fact, a 2011 Consumer Reports survey indicates there 7.5 million Facebook users under the age of 13 and that 5 million of them are under the age of 10. Now Facebook is looking for a way to legitimately welcome these young people. According... Read more →

How to Turn Your Facebook Page into a Marketing Channel

Although the intention in the creation of Facebook wasn’t to create an advertiser’s paradise that was the end result nevertheless (even though there are still things to be improved in the advertising interface.) Things that are done to enhance the user’s experience, like the new Timeline feature, can end up beneficial for businesses that know how to harness the power of social media. In other... Read more →

Pinterest Marketing for Businesses

Pinterest, a social networking site that allows users to organize and share things they find on the web in the form of images, is growing fast. It has nearly 20 million unique users, and over 80% of them are females. But it’s not just the females who are using Pinterest – businesses and brands are starting to use it too. The reason is because many of the pins, or images, on Pinterest link... Read more →

How Instagram Android and Apple Works

Instagram is a cool free photo sharing service and app that works with Apple iOS and Android. It allows you to take photos that are reminiscent of Polaroid pictures with some unique lighting effect. You can share photos with friends on Instagram and post them to other social media sites. They boast of 15 million users and with its recent acquisition by Facebook, it’s expected those numbers will continue... Read more →

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

How are you supposed to keep track of everything said about you or your business when there are so many websites out there? In the social-media world alone, we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and more recently, Pinterest, to name a few. On top of that, there are millions of blogs and news websites. But first, what is social media monitoring or listening? Maria Ogneva, the Director of... Read more →

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