Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

28 February 2012

How are you supposed to keep track of everything said about you or your business when there are so many websites out there? In the social-media world alone, we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and more recently, Pinterest, to name a few. On top of that, there are millions of blogs and news websites.

But first, what is social media monitoring or listening? Maria Ogneva, the Director of Social Media at Attensity, defines it as “the process of continuous and immediate discovery of conversations with the purpose of learning, engaging, helping and collaborating.” Social media listening is important for your business; we want to share the best social media monitoring tools to help you:

Google Blog Search
– type in a keyword and Google will search through blogs for that keyword.

Google Alerts – after setting up an alert, you will be sent e-mails with updates of the latest Google results, including news, blogs and videos, related to the search query you set up.

Social Mention – search for keywords across multiple websites and platforms. This site also provides metrics such as strength, passion, sentiment and reach. They describe themselves as Google Alerts, but for social media.

Monitter – this site allows you monitor Twitter in real-time for any keyword or phrase you specify.

Twitter Advanced Search – this search tool from Twitter lets you search for tweets by keywords and narrow results by accounts and/or location.

Ice Rocket – type in a keyword to search for the latest posts on blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

Addict-o-matic – enter in a keyword or topic and the site will display some of the latest tweets, blogs, videos and news articles about that topic.

Paid options:

Trackur – start with a free plan or sign up for a paid plan which includes data such as how influential are the people who talk about you.

Radian6 – gives you to the ability to monitor real-time conversations happening around your brand, industry and competitors. It is one of the top tools available.

You can also visit this page for a master list of social media monitoring tools.

There are many social media monitoring tools available – use the one that best suits your needs. If you want to focus on Twitter, Monitter is probably a better option than Google Alerts. But if you want an overview of what people are saying across platforms, try Addict-o-matic or Social Mention instead. Of course, you can use a combination of these tools to monitor what people are saying.

What social media monitoring tools do you use?

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