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Social Media Listening – Why Is It Important?

When you are not listening, you are not learning; and learning or monitoring what costumers and competitors are saying about your business, service, or product is extremely important in defending your brand’s image.

Social media offers the ability for customers to have conversations and interact directly in discussing opinions about a brand’s service or product, may it be god or bad. Ideally, you find only positive messages about your brand everywhere! But rarely is that the case.

One negative message can spread like wildfire, especially in the hands of social media users where information spreads like a virus. You truly make your brand vulnerable to these negative messages if you do not serve as a source of defense and engage in online reputation management (ORM). Take the time to manage your brands reputation by listening, here is why:

1. Learn through research – researching the costumer feedback online, may it be good or bad, helps your business directly improve the services and products you provide. Social media provides information and saves you time in trying to get your customers to take surveys and fill out “how are we doing” cards. This is great a tool, so do some research, seek it out, and utilize it!

2. Crisis management – discover a potential communication crisis early on and work to engage in a marketing strategy to eliminate future damage or repair damage that has already been made. This is a great way to be proactive and act as your own online “virus protection.”

3. Protect your brand’s image – Engage in your own PR by defending your brand and presenting a positive image. If you listen to what others are saying, you can work to counter act the negative messages.

You heard it here; the best way to engage in online reputation management is by listening and monitoring what customers and competitors are saying about your brand. Now be proactive, and go listen to what others are saying about your business!

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Why Use Social Media For Your Nonprofit Organization?

Is social media strictly for the use of business promotion… No! Non-profit organizations utilize social media for community engagement to obtain support from potential sponsors. They do this by primarily bringing awareness to their cause in order to gain support. There are a number of reasons why non-profits to go about employing social media tools in order to better connect to the community.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Reinforce strong relationships – Non-profits use social media to establish and reinforce fundamental relationships with its sponsors. Before the booming use of social media, this was carried out through telephone calls, sending regular newsletters, or sending cards; all to provide updated information and strengthen the relationship among the non-profit and supporter. Social media, since it is much more rapid then outdated means of communication, works great to keep in touch with supporters in a more consistent fashion and at a greater rate; allowing for more outreach, more often.

2. Location Based technologies – Some of the newer emerging technology in social media incorporates attention to the location of a social media user. This is extremely helpful when non-profits coordinate charity events or fundraising events; it brings exponential awareness and support. It’s cheap and easy advertising! Which is a double bonus, since fundraising is the foundation to any non-profit organization’s success.

3. Online videos bring awareness and credibility – A lot of small businesses use online video, through YouTube or Facebook, to get their name out there. Can non-profits use the same method to their advantage?  Definitely! Videos have the capability of spreading like wildfire. Think about it, if you create a video and tag people, then those people see the video along with any of their friends or followers. Plus, people love to be featured! So, get them on camera saying why they love your organization and how people can support your cause, or people sharing their successes with the organization. It’s a great way to bring awareness and establish a desired image to the public.

So there you have it, social media use can be just as be beneficial to non-profits as to businesses.

 The latest issue of  Webdify Magazine is finally out! This website magazine is your monthly source for WEB, SOCIAL, and MOBILE news. Get your copy now!

Optimizing Your Site For Mobile Devices

So you’re bored, sitting on the bus ride home and what do you catch yourself doing? Exploring the web on your mobile phone. But wait, so is everyone else around you.

Smartphones, like the iPhone or Google Android, are growing in popularity; consequently, mobile web usage has become an escalating trend. More and more people conduct research and buy products straight from their phone than ever before. So clearly, the best way to overcome the competition among businesses is to have the fastest, most accessible, and user friendly website for mobile phones.

Consider this, you are doing research on your phone and discover two sites selling the same product at the same price. One site however, is slow and difficult to navigate, and the other is fast, provides easily accessible information, and looks appealing. Which are you more likely to use?

Here are a few tips to help in mobile web development:

1. WebKit – There is no standard format for mobile web development, but more and more smartphone operating systems are following the iPhone’s lead in using WebKit to standardize the display of their webpage. In other words, using WebKit will make your webpage look more consistent on majority of the smartphones.

2. WPTouch – If the website you created runs on WordPress CMS, there’s a great plugin called WPTouch that can quickly optimize your website for the iPhone and Android devices. Did I mention it’s free?

3. Mobify Want to enhance the performance of your site? Who doesn’t! Mobify is a free service that assists in creating a mobile version of your already created website. It works great with WordPress, Drupal and ExpressionEngine.

If you want to get ahead of the business competition, invest some time in creating a fast, visually appealing, and user friendly mobile website.

After Christmas Sales… Don’t Make This Mistake!

So as a business owner, you have spent all this time preparing for the busiest season of holiday shopping using social media to establish the best marketing plan – now what? Most businesses take the time to prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping, but don’t take the time to prepare for the promotions and marketing of their after Christmas sales. Think about it, After Christmas sales are just as important to prepare for; and can put you above your competitors if you have an established plan.

Here are 2 common mistakes:

1. Not Being Known – Everyone wants to know where the best deals are. Make sure you take the time to advertise and share your promotions and sales using social media tools.

2. Timing – Be sure you advertise your after Christmas Sales about a week before Christmas, and continue to advertise a week after. This way people are more aware of the sales you offer prior and allows more time for your audience to share and spread the word of the sales to those they know. A week is a great amount of time too since it won’t take away from your actual Holiday sales campaign.

So, get ahead of the game! Be sure to establish an After Sales Marketing strategy using social media tools.

Christmas Social Media Campaigns… Do you have a plan?

Is your business ready for the upcoming holiday shopping? As one of the busiest holiday shopping seasons approaches, business owners should ask themselves, “what is my plan this year to boost my sales?” Every business owner should start creating sales and marketing plans in order to stand out among their competition; and using Social Media tools is by far the most promising method.. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Traditional Marketing is outdated – Newspaper advertising is very limited in audience and has a lower chance of being passed along to others, which is critical for marketing and awareness. According to the Washington Post, there has been a continuous 20 year decline in newspaper circulation.

2. Everyone uses Social Media! – Facebook recently announced that they have reached over 800 million worldwide users, and they were only founded 8 years ago. what does this mean? People everywhere  are starting to use social media, let’s face it, it’s the cool new thing!

3. Able to target ads appropriately – Ever wonder why local store ads are starting to pop up more and more on the side of your Facebook account homepage? With social media, you have the ability to take advantage of the users demographics info more easily (because it is more accessible) and can then target your ads appropriately.

4. Able to Receive Feedback – Online social media campaigns provide immediate feedback to market strategists. That is, you have the ability to instantly read client reviews or monitor how much traffic your announcement receives.

Don’t fall behind in the competition; establish your marketing plan the best way you know how, through Social Media!