Audacity Tutorial


Audacity Tutorial: How to Record

You will need:

  • Microphone
  • Audacity (1.3 Beta) and plugins pre-installed
  • Audacity and plugins set up
  • Your script, outline or notes on what you’re going to talk about.

Step 1: Open Audacity

After installing, you may have an Audacity icon on your desktop. If not it should be in your list of programs. Click (or double click) the icon or select it from your program list.

How to Record Audacity

Step 2: Record Your Voice

When the program opens, simply click the round red button in the tool bar to begin recording. As a rule of thumb, you want to wait a few seconds before you start speaking and then wait a few seconds after you finish speaking before you stop the recording. This allows you a little play if you need to add music or do more advanced editing later.

How to Record Audacity

When you have finished recording, click the square button.

Your recording should look something like this. Your view may look a bit different if you have zoomed in. Generally speaking, the thick horizontal line that goes all the way across the screen is the background noise. It should be fairly thin. The groups of short blue spikes are the words, while the tall thin spike and the short bit to the right are clicks

How to Record Audacity

Step 3: Listen To Recording

You can’t take it for granted that the audio sounds like you intended so listen to see if you need to re-record or make edits. To do this, you’ll simply need to press the green arrow button in the tool bar. If it doesn’t start to play immediately, you may need to place your cursor at the beginning of the clip and then press the play button.

How to Record Audacity

Step 4: Edit The Clicks

As you record, there may be noises you are unaware of or technical clicks and noises that are unavoidable. For instance, the clicks heard at the end of the audio, came from me moving the mic on my headset. There is no need to record everything again. We just take out the clicks by editing with the cut or silence tools.

To edit, you may need to zoom in to the section to see it clearly. Use the zoom in the tool bar or you can find the sort cut keys by clicking on the view tab at the top.

How to Record Audacity

After you zoom in, highlight the section you’d like to remove and use the cut or silence button to remove this section. We recommend using the cut tool in most instances.

How to Record Audacity

Step 5: Save Your Recording

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of saving an original copy of your audio that can be easily edited. This is done with one of the Save Project options. This will save with an .au extension.

How to Record Audacity

After you save this backup copy, you can save it as an mp3.

  • Click the export option.
  • Fill in any metadata that you’d like.
  • Click ok.
  • Name your audio. (something-like-this)
  • Select mp3 as the type.

And there you have it! Your mp3 audio is ready to upload and use.

Note: It would probably be a good idea to listen to the mp3 before uploading to make sure there were no glitches when saving.

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