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Certain Feel, Favorite Colors, Job Interview, And Room

Ever wonder what your favorite colors say about you? Why if you pick one shade of green over another it can totally change the feel of a room? The psychology of color is here to help. If you are going for a certain feel for a room, you can choose coordinating colors in the thoughts you want to evoke…

Incredibly Poignant Piece, Fateful Surgery, Untimely Death, And Joan Rivers

Heather Rooney is an artist working with Prismacolor colored pencils, and this hyperlapse footage of her sketching Robin Williams will absolutely impress you.
In fact, her hyperrealistic portrait of the beloved late actor looks so much like a photograph, you wouldn’t believe it was a drawing unless …

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Amazing Photos, Time Lapse Photo, Flickr User FrankM301, And Elliptical Orbit

Amazing Photos from the August 2014 Supermoon
The moon has an elliptical orbit around the Earth. When it’s a full moon or a new moon AND the moon is coincidentally at it’s closest distance from the Earth, that is what we call a Supermoon. A supermoon looks 16% bigger, 30% brighter, and will br…

Photo from Music for Deep Meditation

Photo from Healing with Art

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