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Photo from Healing with Art

Photo, Questions, Baby, And Earth

This photo leaves us with so many questions! How high up are they? Why is she holding that baby? What is she even doing there? And, oh yeah, HOW on earth is he doing what he’s doing?!…

Photo from Quotes Central

Photo from Quotes Central

Farne Islands, Sweet Interaction, Cutest Thing, And Friendly Seals

When divers off the Farne Islands in Northumberland met a few friendly seals underwater, they never dreamed they?d have such a sweet interaction! The wild seals were as curious as puppies, and it?s the cutest thing I?ve ever seen!
The way they like being scratched under the neck, and the cute way t…

Pure Awesome Rumble, App Store Pages, Real Sounding, And Different Feeling

by DiscoveryNYC This is great. Some of the other recordings I have heard have birds and other sounds in the background, which can be a bit distracting. This one is really cool though, just the pure awesome rumble of the ocean.

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